Saturday, 23 January 2010

This story started in 2002. When four 3th grade students, including Putra and Dhana, intend to form a band covering 311 songs, they also invited Angga a.k.a. Mankgo, to join as bassist. Then they asked their junior, Ndit, to join immediately, as the 2nd vocalist. Alter Ego eventually formed, with the initial formation of: Dhana (vocal), Ndit (vocal), Putra (guitar), Dedo (guitar), Dimsex (drums), and Mankgo (bass).

After a long journey, on July 2005 Alter Ego is reborn as Karnatra, and they started creating their own songs, and seize the opportunity to perform in a fairly prestigious event, A-Mild Live Soundrenaline: Reborn Republic, Prambors Nubuzz, and other events.

KarnaTra are combination of two words: 'Karna' means 'ear'. and 'Trah' means 'lineage' atau 'clan'/'wangsa'. 'Karna' also a character in Mahabharata Story "the archer-king," is son of Surya, god of the sun

Satu lagi band pengusung Indie pop rock asal Jakarta, Karnatra. Wajib di dengar buat kalian yang suka sejenis band-band seperti The Beatles, Weezer, Phoenix, Bloc Party, Radiohead, Mew, Morissey yang mempengaruhi karya-karya mereka. Soo Chillin' yep thats the words that fit the most to describe their songs.

Gak perlu gw komentarin lebih bny lagi coz they're too awesome.
Gak percaya?? dengerin sendiri deh nih..

Contact Person : Bryan : +6221-93307942, +6221-98089584, +62878-7714-2229
KarnaTra - Moksa

KarnaTra - Kala Pagi Menjelang

Line Up:
Ndit (Lead Vocal)
r.a.c.h.i.m (Bass + Back Vocal)
Puguh (Lead Guitar)
Bryan (Drum)

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